2021-2022 Workshops

In 2021-2022, French actors are participating in 12 working groups in order to develop contributions and common positions in the perspective of the World Urban Forum 11 in Katowice. These different workshops are led by members and hosted by the PFVT.


Urban mobility specialists sometimes present the evolution of cities according to four successive ages of mobility: craftsmanship, congestion, adaptation to the car and, finally, multimodal integration. The “Mobility” working group focused its reflections on the rest of history and a desirable future by 2050, which we must begin to put in place. To achieve this, the necessary public policies and the choices to be made will not always be easy.


  • Urban mobility, an essential good to be managed collectively
  • Forms of cities, networks and mobility services
  • Technology at the service of carbon-free mobility
  • The economy and its levers

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