Housing: Sustainable, affordable and inclusive housing

Currently, the global housing deficit amounts to more than a billion units and 70% of the housing stock remains to be built by 2040. The urgency of action is therefore more visible than ever in the cities. Socio-demographic and environmental challenges highlight the difficulties in managing social housing, particularly in terms of financing and regulatory supervision. As a result, the informal city, defined as “the entire urban and peri-urban territory which suffers from substandard living conditions and/or which has developed outside of planning regulations and declared housing markets », is developing at high speed. Urban sprawl creates an uncontrolled and dysfunctional city. The challenges of affordable, inclusive but also sustainable housing are therefore central to the evolution of cities towards a safe, resilient, sober, inclusive and creative future for all. The desire of the group is to approach the subject of “Living” from the prism of urban planning and not only from the construction angle, around approaches to sharing, pooling (pooling of resources, skills and expertise). and strategies), as well as the legal and financial regulatory framework.