Creative cities

Focusing on the inclusion and enhancement of citizens as key players in urban planning, the booklet of the working group “Citizenship and Social Innovation” re-examines the governance models of our cities. In the face of increasing inequalities and socio-spatial segregation, it seems imperative to redefine citizen participation, notably by promoting participatory mechanisms, by restoring a place for women in the city, or by encouraging the presence of marginalized actors in public decision-making bodies.


Ensure a match between the projected planning model, territorial characteristics and local governance.

Build the city in a continuity of time and space, by developing a production chain that integrates the creative dimension of the city.

Plan the city and design public spaces and uses as places of creativity and inclusion.

Develop a transversal approach to city professions and urban planning.

Promote culture and heritage in order to make it an opportunity for economic development while avoiding risky tourism for the sites and the exclusion of local populations.

Develop links and cooperation to encourage exchanges on the planning of sustainable and creative cities.