2021-2022 Workshops

In 2021-2022, French actors are participating in 12 working groups in order to develop contributions and common positions in the perspective of the World Urban Forum 11 in Katowice. These different workshops are led by members and hosted by the PFVT. 

Digital techologies

The impact of digital technology on territories and on daily life sometimes leads us to speak of “digital transition”, thus putting this transformation on the same level as the necessary “ecological transition”. The health crisis has shown the importance and potential of this digital transition: it is in fact to a large extent thanks to teleworking and remote services that companies have been able to continue to operate. The “digital” workshop organized by the PFVT at the end of 2021 shed light on the possibilities such as the risks associated with digital technology, the dilemmas and the choices that will have to be made, whatever the urban territories concerned. The work of the working group made it possible to identify five main avenues to explore.


  • Digital ready for the future: sober and low tech, “resilient by design” and local (but connected)
  • Digital innovation that is both dynamic and governed
  • “Shared digital sovereignty”
  • Digital technology serving citizen empowerment
  • Digital technology serving the emergence of alternative models

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