Citizenship and social innovation

Focusing on the inclusion and enhancement of citizens as key players in urban planning, the booklet of the working group “Citizenship and Social Innovation” re-examines the governance models of our cities. In the face of increasing inequalities and socio-spatial segregation, it seems imperative to redefine citizen participation, notably by promoting participatory mechanisms, by restoring a place for women in the city, or by encouraging the presence of marginalized actors in public decision-making bodies.


Promote citizens, key actors in governance and civil society initiatives in urban planning

Promote participatory mechanisms to guarantee the balance of representativeness between local authorities and civil society, favoring participatory mechanisms

Giving women back a place in the city

Encouraging the presence of marginalized actors in political decision-making structures

Build networks, systems promoting exchanges and urban integration

Integrate young people into participation in decision-making by hearing their new forms of demands