2021-2022 Workshops

In 2021-2022, French actors are participating in 12 working groups in order to develop contributions and common positions in the perspective of the World Urban Forum 11 in Katowice. These different workshops are led by members and hosted by the PFVT.

Affordable housing

In a world where the housing deficit amounts to almost a billion units, the experts of the “Affordable Housing” working group highlight the issues surrounding affordable but also sustainable housing, to respond to socio-demographic and environmental challenges. The booklet offers a prospective vision, developing a scenario for 2050, which is intended to be both a practical guide and a box of ideas.


  • Ensuring everyone has the ability to find housing
  • Train and empower residents and housing stakeholders Structuring systemic and integrated governance and project management
  • Integrate usage control
  • Guarantee social support
  • Adapt to the climate and reduce environmental impact
  • Secure the land
  • Diversify forms of affordable housing

Download the booklet