2021-2022 Workshops

In 2021-2022, French actors are participating in 11 working groups in order to develop contributions and common positions in the perspective of the World Urban Forum 11 in Katowice. These different workshops are led by members and hosted by the PFVT.

The French Partnership for Cities and Territories is an approach that brings together French actors in their diversity – state actors, local authorities, businesses, NGOs, professionals, researchers – in order to convey common messages on sustainable urban development during major international events.

The 11th session of the World Urban Forum will take place from June 26 to 30, 2022 in Katowice, Poland, under the banner “Transforming cities for a better urban future”. For this 11th session, the PFVT renews its commitment to bringing together French urban and territorial stakeholders through the production of contributions. The PFVT, in partnership with the École Urbaine de Lyon, has chosen for the 2021-2022 workshops a working methodology based on a prospective approach. Projecting ourselves into the world of tomorrow allows us to anticipate increasingly recurrent, systemic, urban and globalized crises. Indeed, the crises today are global and show us that it is necessary to renew and reaffirm solidarity, on a local and international scale, for sustainable, inclusive and resilient urban futures.


Women and cities

Informal city

Affordable housing


Digital technologies


Creative city

International and cross-border cooperation

City and biodiversity


The Prospective approach


Foresight is the art of basing decisions not on the extension of data from the past, but on the hypotheses that we can legitimately make about the future” (Edgard Pisani, former French minister and European commissioner, R. Brunet, 1993).

Foresight is an approach which allows to:
• develop concrete thinking about the future and propose a milestone to achieve a desirable scenario;
• look at the present and current actions through the prism of a representation of the future;
• support the implementation of actions and policies with a long-term vision.

Download the presentation note for the 2021-2022 PFVT workshops.