Who are we

The PFVT is the platform for exchange and promotion of French expertise in urban development at the international level.

Following the key recommendation of the "French cooperation orientations in support of urban governance" adopted in 2009, the PFVT was officially established on June 27, 2011 in Paris in the presence of Joan Clos, executive director of UN-Habitat. Its activities are overseen by a technical secretariat provided by the French federation of urban planning agencies (FNAU).

It federates these actors within six "colleges": the State and public institutions, local authorities, professionals, businesses, research and training organizations and non-governmental organizations.

The PFVT furthers exchanges among French actors in urban development in order to develop a coordinated response to the needs of the partner cities: democratic governance; urban and local planning; strengthening the capacities of local authorities and public project contracting; fight against climate change and local-level resilience; access to basic services and urban mobility; access to decent housing; local economic development; enhancement of the cultural heritage.

Thus the PFVT is a platform for exchanges on urban development involving many participants. The PFVT:

  • assists in developing strategies and promotes the participation of actors in the international debate;
  • promotes French expertise in sustainable urban development at the international level in response to the requests of partner cities and States.

 Coordination with government initiatives in the urban field

The French Alliance for Cities and Territorial Development complements the urban actions initiated in particular by Vivapolis, the French brand for sustainable cities worldwide launched by the Foreign Trade Ministry.