The World Urban Campaign

As part of its commitment to bring together French actors of urban development to participate to the international debate on challenges of cities, The French Alliance for Cities and Territorial Development naturally become an Associate Partner of the World Urban Campaign.

The World Urban Campaign is the advocacy and partnership platform for cities. Its goal is to place the urban agenda at the highest level in development policies. It is coordinated by UN-Habitat and driven by a large number of committed partners from around the world. The World Urban Campaign serves as the partners' platform toward the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III), to be held in 2016.

The Commitment of PFVT

The PFVT and the World Urban Campaign mobilise actors and partners to meet urban international challenges. The French Alliance for Cities and Territorial Development will endeavour to disseminate and communicate the key messages, goals and principles of the Campaign. Members of PFVT could share their expeiences and knowledges toward a sustainable urban development and take part in actions of the World Urban Campaign.


French Water Partnership

The French Water Partnership was established in March 2007 by 33 founding members in the wake of the 4th World Water Forum, held in Mexico in 2006.

Since July 11, 2012 it has been an independent association. Its goal is to bring the key messages and expertise of French players to attention at the international level by seeing that water figures among the priorities on the world agenda and by promoting key principles of water management.

In 2014 the PFVT and the French Coordination for Water became members of each other's structures. The two bodies work together on various projects, participate in the activities led by each of the organizations and contribute to their different working groups.


Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation/CITEGO Project

The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH) is a foundation under Swiss law that focuses on setting up networks of participants, constructing shared analyses and proposals, using collective tools and methods to strengthen them.

The objective of the CITEGO project, initiated and backed by the FPH, is to provide a tool with international documentary resources to facilitate exchanges, showcase innovations and develop new frameworks of thought. The project is open to various actors, institutions, researchers, practitioners, students and engaged citizens; its goal is to provide easy access to all information that can be of use for action, development or innovation.



Vivapolis is the umbrella brand that brings together French stakeholders, both public and private, seeking to promote a shared ambition for sustainable urban development at international level. This process is being collectively developed and supported by the French public authorities and professional federations in the private sector. The website spells out the shared vision of the brand and makes it possible to identify French companies in the sector. Vivapolis promotes skills by presenting model achievements in French cities.

View a video of the launch at Ecocity September 26th 2013 here :

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The PFVT is one of the founding partners of the Vivapolis initiative. Read the text presenting the two complementary offers to promote the French approach to sustainable cities worldwide. Cordination PFVT-Vivapolis