The PFVT contributes to providing a coherent French response to the requests of partners in the developing and emerging countries towards the following shared objectives:

Building a shared French vision

  • organizing exchanges and capitalization based on experiences of PFVT members;
  • producing and promoting French positions shared within the working groups in the international debate.

Stimulating the participation of French actors in national or international events

  • coordinating the activities of the French delegation;
  • organizing PFVT representation.

Promoting French urban expertise at the international level

  • noting partners' opportunities and requests and identifying appropriate French expertise;
  • leading the network of urban development actors at the international level, in particular by providing information to members on current challenges in sustainable urban development.
  • fostering the skills of PFVT members, especially in the areas of capacity strengthening, public project contracting and support for the processes of governance and urban and local planning, in concert with the activities of Vivapolis, the brand name for sustainable cities with a French accent and French initiatives for enhancing urban expertise at the international level.